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It is your job to be very actively involved with your case from day one. That is the best way to ensure that your lawyer does his job properly. Many personal injury attorneys are overworked or are simply too lazy to do the job right without prompting. Everyone has heard that “the squeaky wheel gets the grease.” Nowhere is this truism more important than in personal injury litigation. visit Console and Associates P.C.

Especially if you have entrusted your case to one of the larger personal injury firms, your case may be pushed onto an associate who has nothing financially to gain by handling your case in an aggressive manner. The famous partner known for several multi-million dollar jury verdicts may simply not have the time for your little case. Don’t be surprised if some fresh faced 24 year old gets handed your file. Now don’t get me wrong. Many young lawyers are filled with energy for effective battle with the insurance companies. But many are handling a hundred or more other files and yours may be placed on a very slow assembly line.

Worse, the associate may have no financial stake in your case. The arrangements vary from firm to firm, but at the vast majority, the only lawyer who has a financial interest in your case is the one who brought the case into the firm. The lowly associate who actually ends up processing the case is undoubtedly on straight salary. His financial incentive is to turn over his cases with the least bother to him, even if this means settling the case for less than it’s worth. On the other hand, if you retain a solo practitioner or small partnership, the lawyer who handles your case will actually receive the attorney’s fees earned on the case. Nothing motivates like a financial incentive. Even though lawyers are ethically bound to zealously represent the interests of all their clients, human nature should tell you that you will do best if your lawyer has something to gain by the aggressive and forceful prosecution of your case.

Staying active throughout the process is important regardless of the lawyer you retain. If your case has been shuffled off to an associate, this is especially key. You should insist on receiving copies of all correspondence your lawyer sends out on your behalf. You should also ask for copies of all letters from the insurance company and its lawyers. You should also review your medical records for accuracy. This is the only way you can know for sure if your lawyer is being straight with you. Also, since the lawyer knows you are keeping close tabs on him, he will be sure not to “back burner” your case. In other words, he will know that unless he stays very active, you will be contacting him with difficult questions. It is your right to know what is going on at all times with your case. And it is your right to have a lawyer who will aggressively pursue a rapid and fair settlement of your case. Do not accept anything less. The squeaky wheel does indeed get the grease.

Tiffany Fina Law Firm – Secrets Revealed

A professional attorney is a legal representative who fights for your rights so that you can get justice legally. Whether you are experiencing a personal injury caused by accidents or by another person, hiring a professional personal injury attorney is the best option. Several law firms have been established around the world that assist their clients in providing the positive outcome. Each law firm has a team of professional and experienced lawyers. From personal injury attorneys to child custody attorneys, you can hire any kind of lawyer from a reputed law firm. find Tiffany Fina Law Firm

Finding a dependable law firm is quite challenging, as there are plenty organizations exist all around the world. But, with the help of the internet, you can easily get the desired result. The internet is the best source that could assist you in finding the reputed law firm in your region. Before selecting any organization, you must check out their authorization, certification, and experience. There is one reputed law firm available that specializes in offering excellent legal support and services to their clients.

They are widely known as one of the most established and successful law firm. They are based in Accra, Ghana with affiliate partners all around the world. They have a great years of experience of offering the highest standard of legal solutions to their clients. They also have legal experience amongst their partners, lawyers and support staff in order to assist their clients with specialized and personalized services as well as top quality advice and support. If you are seeking one of the most professional and experienced Lawyers in Ghana Accra, then you are at the right destination.

Most of the clients rely on their services because they understand the needs and requirements of their each and every client. They have many clients ranging from multi-nationals to small and medium businesses, agencies, individuals, and government department. They have done work with different areas of Corporate Banking & Finance and Real Estate Industry, including Advising Standard Chartered Bank Ghana Limited, Advising Barclays Bank Ghana, Assistance to Korean Embassy in Ghana in Acquistion of Land, Debt Re-Structuring and Recovery for China Insurance and Advising a Korean-Ghanaian Partnership Real Estate Development.

They are the most trustworthy, reputed and successful Ghana law firm that has built a long-term relationship with their clients. They build on-going relationships with each client by ensuring that they understand and focus on their needs and requirements. They specialize in offering first-class services and practical solutions to a vast range of legal issues. They deliver practical and commercially relevant advice tailored to their client’s business needs. To know more about them, please visit their website. Feel free to contact them.

Benefits Of Tiffany Fina Law Firm

Going through arbitration can be a complex and lengthy process that has its ups and downs. If you want more ups than downs, it’s critical that you enlist the services of a tried and true arbitration law firm. The right team of professionals understands how to handle dispute resolution with professionalism and care. The valuable advice and strategy you receive is built around settling disputes as quickly and advantageously as possible. When you have a dedicated team at your disposal, every part of the process is clear, concise, and meant to move your business or institution forward. No matter how simple or complex, your dispute matters. Finding a firm that understands this and acts on your behalf with this code ensures you get the best representation available. You’re one step closer to putting a dispute behind you and turning the corner toward progress.Click Tiffany Fina Law Firm

The Process
Once you and the opposing party realize that your dispute will not be settled without counsel, you’ll want to seek a professional legal team that springs into action quickly. No matter what industry you’re in, a qualified International Arbitration law firm will know how to handle your case with diligence and expertise. The key members will assess your case, including the details of the dispute and your goals, and then give you sound legal counsel moving forward. The strategic advice you receive will have your best interest at heart, and no sound option will be left on the table. Whether you’re a large institution or a small one, ever case will be treated with the utmost importance. With a proven process at your side, you’re sure to find the resolution you seek.

Making the Complicated Look Easy
Arbitration law is one of the most complex forms of law. The different clauses, contracts, and stipulations need to be maneuvered and acknowledged every step of the way, a daunting task for any law firm. One of the reasons why you want to be sure you’re going with the right arbitration law firm is so that you can feel confident in your counsel’s ability to perform their duties with your success as the goal. It’s not enough to have expertise in the area, but you also want your firm to rooted in arbitration law so much so that nothing gets past your team. Being active counselors and arbitrators enhances a firm’s ability to provide high quality legal services. That’s the kind of representation you look for when you are serious about resolving a dispute economically and efficiently. Once you find that kind of representation, the complicated nuances of arbitration law will become child’s play.

Ready for Resolution
You’re already in an unenviable position because by having to seek arbitration, but that doesn’t mean that all is bad. Since you can only move forward with the process, it’s important that your next step is the right one. When it comes to an arbitration law firm, doing your research allows you to make an informed decision that pays off in more than one way. Once you make that decision, your resolution is near.