Simple Tips for DIY Safety at Home-Insights

Home based security systems can be installed by professionals or weekend warriors and can be a critical tool in keeping your family safe from intruders and disasters. If you are looking for a DIY home security system, you basically have 2 designs to choose from; hard wired or wireless.navigate to this website

Hard wired systems are the traditional based design with wiring that connects all the necessary components. Usually, to install such a system, you need to be very astute in standard carpentry and handyman type skills. If you are a builder, you may prefer this type because the long term maintenance and care needed is less than the wireless version.

However, if you are less skilled or do not want to spend time drilling holes and running cable, the new standard wireless based security system may be more suitable. Wireless systems are more flexible in their design and can be used in most locations such as vacation homes, apartments and condominiums. Wireless systems are more durable and can be removed when the property is vacated. Wireless systems are more battery dependent and may require more maintenance and care to keep on top of battery replacement and testing.


Here are just a few of the items you need to think through when deciding on the do it yourself approach:

Do you want the system to be removed when you move from the property?
Will you be able to hardwire though walls if it is an older home with stone construction?
Are you prone to power outages? This could determine whether wireless is a better solution.
Will periodic care and maintenance be an issue? If so, Hardwired systems require less attention over time.
Do you rent or own your home that you want to secure? A landlord may not want you drilling into walls, so wireless may be more suitable.
In summary, your security strategy should be comprehensive, but your ability to install the system may determine the overall design. Whether you go with a wireless or wired based security system, your objective is family safety and security from intruders and other disasters. Doing the installation yourself may determine the direction you take.